Friday, February 27, 2009

On the Eve of 9 Months

My baby boy has hit so many baby milestones that it is making me a little sad and nostalgic for the baby boy he was the day before yesterday (okay, maybe it was 2 days ago.) He got his first tooth this week, had his first "real" haircut last week, can pull himself up on most anything, can walk along furniture to get things he wants and is starting to crawl. As mom to 3 others, I am pretty sure that I know where all this is headed--toddlerhood. Please do not misunderstand, I also know that there are lots of wonderful things to look forward to as well. There is just something really special and incredibly wonderful about being the center of a baby's existence and the cure to all his troubles. I am trying to enjoy it while it lasts. Here are a few from today.


Brooke :) said...

Hahaha he is really coming into his own look!! He looks so big and grown from the little baby he used to be. The first one is my favorite!

Courtney said...

I feel the exact same way about Summer...I'm not ready for toddlerhood. Love #1!