Monday, February 23, 2009

Abstract Monday and a Challenge

There are a few photos that I have taken over the past few weeks that have caused my husband to ask, "What on earth is THAT?" It isn't the best compliment he has ever given me on my photography, but it started me thinking. SO, what do you think these are? Is there any visual interest there for you whether you know what it is or not? I'd like your thoughts.





Challenge: Do you have a macro lens? Does your point and shoot have a macro setting (if you don't know--check your camera manual because many do)? Have you ever used it? If not--try it out today. Experiment with that setting. Try it outside or even on your kids. I'd love to see your results.


Jessica Stier said...

Cool shots!!! I am inspired to bust out my macro lens and do some experimenting.


Stephanie said...

Very interesting. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, photographers see the world from a completely different perspective than the rest of the world. Who would think that water on the road (I'm assuming that's what #1 is) would make such a cool photo.

Laurel C. said...

Naw, I think #1 is an extreme close-up of the tread of a shoe. Who is right, Gayle? Stephanie or me? Or neither of us?

Mom and Camera said...

Here is what the pictures are--I would say Stephanie is closer.

#1 is rain drops that collected on the lid of my garbage can.

#2 is the trunk of a tree.

#3 is a porous volcanic type rock my daughter found.

#4 is some particle board in my garage.