Thursday, February 5, 2009

Cool Light

This afternoon, I started photographing with the intention of practicing with my flash on my camera, which I did. . . . eventually. But first I found this yummy light and knew I needed to snap a few without the flash. I can't decide if I like the color version or BW version better. Any thoughts?

I angled him a little different here (as much as you can angle an 8 mo. old) to put a little more light in the face. There is something about this somber "look" that melts me.

I did get a few with my flash today. In these the flash was bounced off the window. Oh, and by the way, YES, he still goes crazy for the lens cap!!


Tara said...

Normally I'm all about the black and white, but the COLOR ones make him just shine!!

That's my opinion!

Jessica Stier said...

Beautiful boy!!! I also like the color one better. I think with the conversion some detail is lost around his nose and cheeks. He has such beautiful skin tones and they show up so wonderfully in the color version.


Courtney said...

Gosh, I miss a week or so and look at all the beautiful posts I miss! I love this one in color, I am just partial to warm natural light.

Natalie said...

He always has the cutest outfits...uh, I mean, manly duds. I prefer the color shots. And what I wouldn't give for his perfect baby skin!