Saturday, December 27, 2008

Family Party #2

Today, we attended our second family party of the season. The first family party happened before Christmas and I have no pictures because I had my hands too full to photograph much (it does happen sometimes.) We have 2 more to attend before the Christmas holiday's are over. I sometimes find myself craving a little less travel during the holiday's. However, I really try hard not to miss them because it is one of the few times I get to see my cousins, uncles, aunts and grandparents. For this party we spent some time sledding. It was an extremely cold day to go sledding (21 degrees and an icy cold wind), but the kids had fun anyway. Then we had lunch and visiting at the church. Be warned--there are lots of images.

Had to include this one just for the expression.

If you have ever been the person in front during a toboggan ride--you can sympathize with my daughter in this picture.

My sister ate a little snow. This wasn't her worst wreck of the day from the stories I heard afterward.

My husband keeping the baby warm. The baby and I only lasted about 20 minutes before we warmed up in the car.

After sledding and lunch, we played some games. . . .

ate some prizes. . . .

visited with cousins. . . .

and opened gifts.

My Grandma amazes me. She still MAKES gifts for ALL of her great-grandchildren. She has so many now, I don't know how she does it. She has made some wonderful things over the years--some that have been well used and some that I treasure.

This picture comes to you courtesy of my 5 year old. Did you notice I am in 2 of the last 3 posts. It is a record.

It was a wonderful party. Thanks Grandma!!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Toys

If for some reason you read this title and think that I am talking about the toys the kids got for Christmas--you might just want to stop now. This post is referring to the photography toys I got for Christmas--a reflector, soft box, and light stands so that I can now use my flash OFF the camera. I tried them out a little this morning (after I spent time yesterday and today figuring out how to set me up--not a job for the faint of heart.) The lighting on these isn't perfect, but it was my first try and I think they are acceptable.

Willing subjects:

Unwilling subjects (This is what an unwilling subject looks like. She is not as excited about these toys as I am.):

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Six Months and Merry Christmas

My baby has been six months old for 24 1/2 days. And until yesterday, I hadn't taken any pictures of his six month old self. Somewhat shocking--I know!! We did attempt to take some pictures of him in a cute basket. However, apparently, the basket wasn't very stable and he tipped over on his nose and that was the end of the "photoshoot."

So yesterday, despite the fact that my baby has a fever and a terrible cold, I attempted some pictures again. Sounds like a great combination, right? Now before anyone sends child services to my door for not cuddling my baby when he wasn't feeling well--please know that he has been well cuddled in his sorry state. His fever was down (thanks to some infant ibuprofen) and his tummy was full. He was actually being down right pleasant. And because there is no sound with these pictures, no one can hear his little scratchy voice so in a few months no one will know that he was sick in these. Oh, wait, I guess it is now documented on the internet. Oh well!

(Sorry about the foot, Laurel. I just love little chubby baby feet, though, and couldn't resist!)

Did you ever squint your eyes at the Christmas tree when you were young? Do you remember how it made the lights fat and star-like? Well these last pictures remind me of doing that when I was little. I hope you all have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Since I am rarely in pictures, I thought I would include this self-portrait. Ignore the "real-life" in my living room.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snowed!!! (In More Ways Than One)

Sorry I have been missing lately. It has been 9 days since my last post. I was really trying to avoid going a long time without posting, but it was unavoidable this week. I have been snowed under with pictures for others (mostly finished), making my Christmas cards (done and mailed), making Christmas treats (made and delivered), last minute Christmas shopping (DONE!!!), and just trying to survive everyday. Now it is time to sit back and enjoy the Christmas season for the last few days before Christmas.

In my last post I mentioned that we were patiently waiting for the snow to arrive. Slowly but surely it has. We don't have TONS, but 5-6 inches is enough to cover the ground and require shoveling. I am satisfied. Christmas can come now. Here are some photos to prove that I am not pulling your leg (and how could I post without photos, right?!?!)

My oldest loves to shovel show. I don't really mind shoveling either--maybe that is where she gets it. I took some photos of her doing what she begs to do every time it snows.

I think this photo says it all, but in case you aren't sure what this look means, I'll translate. "MMMOOOMMM, do you really have to take a picture of me right now?" "I've got work to do!"

No snow blower in our immediate future. We've got her!! The last two are a couple of my favorites. I tried a new Photoshop action on them. What do you think?

Enjoy being snowed!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Skiff

Yesterday, I checked the calender to make sure I am not in a fog and that it is indeed December. Yesterday, I also checked the thermometer to verify that it is cold (overnight lows in the teens.) However, yesterday, in spite of those important factors, THIS is all the snow we got.

It does occasionally happen that Utah does not have snow for Christmas. Yet, it has been a while since I remember this happening. I am getting nervous (if you can't tell). And, although I am always ready for the snow to be gone by March, I am equally anxious for there to be snow for Christmas. It just doesn't seem right without it.

So, today, I am celebrating the SKIFF of snow we received yesterday in hopes that there is much more to come in the next few weeks. Is anyone else as anxious as me?

By the way, it has mostly melted today. There is just a little bit left in the shady parts of the yard. The sun came out strong.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Notice Anything Different

Just had to post this milestone. My daughter lost a tooth. I have been in denial since she told me it was loose. I can't believe she is old enough to loose teeth. There is another one ready to pop out any day as well. Today, she nonchalantly asked me to take her picture by the tree. I grabbed the camera for the picture and when she smiled her biggest, cheesiest smile ever, I realized why she was requesting the picture. She wanted to show off her new smile. So here it is.

And one more of our Christmas tree.

As a photography side-note: The first picture was taken using flash. I bounced the flash off a mirror. Until beginning the recent experimentation with flash, I forgot that my flash head could rotate 180 degrees. This makes bouncing flash off of anything reflective relatively easy. Bounced flash is much more flattering than direct flash.

The second picture was taken at about the same place in my house with out flash. In order to get a decent exposure (I still had to adjust the exposure a little in Photoshop), I had to use an ISO of 1250.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas at my house--at least on the inside. How about yours? Yesterday, the kids couldn't hardly keep their hands off the decorations. We put up the tree and lights Sunday night and wanted to finish everything else Monday night. I think it was child torture. I'll still hope for snow to complete the Christmas "look", but for now I am content with this.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

My Thanksgiving Weekend in Pictures


I started out just wanting to post a few pictures from our Thanksgiving weekend up at my mom's. Little did I know that it would take SO many pictures to catch you up to date.

Thanksgiving Day:

My mom always sets a tremendous table. Lots of thought goes into what goes on the table. These pictures prove it, yet don't quite do it justice.

In the afternoon, we took some family pictures. The big one I will save in case it is going in Christmas Cards (don't want to spoil anything), but these are a few of my niece.

She was WAY more interested in playing soccer with the kids than getting her picture taken just like any normal 2 year old. We just managed to squeak these out.

The Day After Thanksgiving:
We left early in the morning (well, we did manage to squeeze in a few sales before we left) on our annual Christmas Tree Cutting Expedition. The following pictures are courtesy of my sister, Brooke (whose picture follows). My baby and I went to my brother and sister-in-laws to make lunch and cocoa for those returning from cutting trees.

(I am not sure who took this of her. She looks to dang cute to have been tromping through snow and ice for a Christmas Tree.)

Check out the size of that tree! It was HUGE. In case you don't believe me--keep scrolling.

It took 5 grown men much work to get this tree into my brother's house. One outside light suffered some damage in the process.

Maybe this helps you see how huge it was. The next few pictures are of my brothers new home/cabin that he has spent the last year building in Bear Lake. It is beautiful and has an amazing view.

The View!

The Loft.

The amazing windows. He did such great work on throughout the whole house.
Thanks for making it to the end of this post. I hope you all had a relaxing Thanksgiving, too.