Friday, July 31, 2009

The Non-People Photos Reunion Part 4

You knew it was coming right? I just have to take them. The the color and beauty of flower and nature photos just can't be passed up. I went on a little nature walk with two of my daughters to look for flowers and explore. I had really wanted to participate in this Photowalk event, but couldn't because it conflicted with our reunion. However, I decided that I could instead just have my own photowalk and where better to do it than this beautiful setting. Here are a few that I took on our walk. Hope you enjoy!

Check this out--ordinary leaves covered in pink lichen! They were beautiful. Sorry for the terrible lighting in this--I couldn't get a good angle AND make my own shade.

The Canyon Reunion Part 3

I have posted about The Canyon before on my blog, but get ready for the longest post ever. I have lots of pictures from our reunion time in The Canyon. It is such a beautiful area and my grandparents have worked hard to make it an area where we can all come and enjoy our time together.

Here is the swing. It has 6 swings that can hold a couple of riders each.

Here is the swing in action.

And here are the many willing riders. Once the motor is fired up the kids come running from everywhere.

And the swing operator.

And the spectators--some waiting for a ride and some just there to watch the fun.

I even took a ride and was able to catch these photos

Did I mention there is also a zip line?

And with all the fun came a little work.

If you made it to the end--you are probably related to me and/or attended this reunion. Thanks for the good times.

P.S. Thanks to this post I now know that a blog post can have at least 32 pictures. I wonder how long it will take to load?

Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Park Reunion Part 2

It has been a busy summer, but it doesn't seem like school should be on the verge of starting. I have been meaning to blog these images for a few days now, and just haven't found the minutes to sit down and share them.

These images were all taken the first night of our reunion. I was actually quite hot and tired after eating dinner and just wanted to sit and relax. But I happened to glance around and saw my aunt and cousin chatting in the sunshine.

I saw the beautiful light hitting them from behind and remembered that it was that beautiful time of evening when the light is warm and soft. I decided to venture down to the park where all the kids were playing to see what I could find. What I found was LOTS of beautiful kids bathed in LOTS of beautiful light.

Okay--I guess there were some beautiful adults bathed in beautiful light as well.

These are probably some of my favorites from the night. Love this kind of light!!