Wednesday, July 22, 2009

By Morning Light

I love morning light but I am rarely out and about early enough to catch the great light it provides. Last weekend, while we were visiting family in Idaho, my son and I were up early looking out the window. I saw these average looking weeds bathed in beautiful light. I picked up my camera and headed outside--in my PJs and scary morning hair no less! I probably wouldn't normally do this at home because, most likely, several of my neighbors would be driving by my house on their way to work or school and I am just vain enough to care if they see me in all my "morning magnificence." But, thanks to the fact that the place we were staying was surrounded by fields, I ventured out and got the shot.


Alicia said...

this is a beautiful morning photo. isn't it nice to spend a little time in a place where you can wonder out in whatever state you are in and not get caught?! i love the touch of sun coming into the photo.

Tara said...

Worth every bit of embarrassment (sp?) you might have had! Beautiful!

Natalie said...

So amazing!!