Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Family Reunion Part 2

The second day was the day of activities. We started with games. Everyone is such good sports and only a little competitive :D!! (Do you ever have a "brain lapse" and forget how to spell words? Just happened to me with "competitive." I actually had to pull out the dictionary to figure it out.)

Grandma awarding medals and cold treats!

Then there was time to cool off in the pool. And when I say "cool-off" I mean COOL. This pool is not heated. Apparently, it didn't bother them TOO much because they swam for hours.

Check out the goosebumps in these photos. Like I said--COLD!!

(I am actually not even sure how the above photo got on the memory card. I guess we all need a few of those.)

Grandma always does a treasure hunt for the great-grandkids!

This motorcycle was his favorite toy. He was happy to show it to me!!

Come back tomorrow for my favorite "non-people" pictures (translated as my favorite "nature shots" from the reunion!)


Laurel C. said...

I am embarassed to post my family reunion pictures after seeing yours! :) I LOVE your pictures! These are beautiful... what a talent you have. You can take something as ordinary as a reunion and make it art. Wow.

Mom and Camera said...

I can't wait for EVERYONE to post theirs. All together they tell a story and I am sure that there is I didn't get pictures of.

Tara said...

LOVE every single one of them!! I've gotta post mine, too. I feel the same way Laurel does, though!

Mom and Camera said...

I am excited to see yours, too. I guess I should have waited longer.

Natalie said...

Whahoo! We made it onto Gayle's blog. I feel famous. How do we get copies of all the pictures? I love them. And I agree with Laurel...I'm embarassed to post my pictures. Funny, I actually took a picture of the Smartie bucket as well.