Monday, December 8, 2008

Notice Anything Different

Just had to post this milestone. My daughter lost a tooth. I have been in denial since she told me it was loose. I can't believe she is old enough to loose teeth. There is another one ready to pop out any day as well. Today, she nonchalantly asked me to take her picture by the tree. I grabbed the camera for the picture and when she smiled her biggest, cheesiest smile ever, I realized why she was requesting the picture. She wanted to show off her new smile. So here it is.

And one more of our Christmas tree.

As a photography side-note: The first picture was taken using flash. I bounced the flash off a mirror. Until beginning the recent experimentation with flash, I forgot that my flash head could rotate 180 degrees. This makes bouncing flash off of anything reflective relatively easy. Bounced flash is much more flattering than direct flash.

The second picture was taken at about the same place in my house with out flash. In order to get a decent exposure (I still had to adjust the exposure a little in Photoshop), I had to use an ISO of 1250.


Tara said...

Cute! I love toothless grins!

davidandnatalie said...

Hey, I have a photography question. How do I set my camera to get the best shot of our tree? If I use a flash, then you can't see the lights on the tree and if I turn the flash off then you can't see the kids in the picture. Any advice?

Mom and Camera said...

My first suggestion would be to look for night mode setting. It might be have a moon or stars with people (I think that is how my old camera showed it.) If your camera has manual settings, you could try setting your shutter speed at about 40 and your apeture (f-stop) at about 4 and your ISO at 400. These are just ball park settings. You may have to play around a bit to get what works for you. Let me know if those suggestions help.

Mom and Camera said...

Oh--if you use those manual settings, make sure you use your flash, too! Sorry--I almost forgot the most important part.