Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Toys

If for some reason you read this title and think that I am talking about the toys the kids got for Christmas--you might just want to stop now. This post is referring to the photography toys I got for Christmas--a reflector, soft box, and light stands so that I can now use my flash OFF the camera. I tried them out a little this morning (after I spent time yesterday and today figuring out how to set me up--not a job for the faint of heart.) The lighting on these isn't perfect, but it was my first try and I think they are acceptable.

Willing subjects:

Unwilling subjects (This is what an unwilling subject looks like. She is not as excited about these toys as I am.):


Courtney said...

Now those are some awesome toys! The one of Jacob sitting up is PERFECT! I would love to come see your set up...are you still using window light, or were these all lit with lights?

Mom and Camera said...

These were taken using my flash mounted to a light stand inside a soft box. My goal is to simulate window light, which I think can be incredibly soft and flattering, but isn't always reliable.

Courtney said...

Goal attained! These definitely have a natural light window look. That is my favorite kind of light, so I just love these, again the one of Jacob sitting up is perfect!