Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Two for Tuesday

I couldn't think of a title for this post, so I defaulted to alliteration. Just a couple of quick pictures.

My baby has been my most frequent subject, lately. I am working on that. However, I love this picture because he is showing off his laugh.

Did you know that snowflakes really do look like the ones we make out of paper?

Have a great Tuesday!


strong said...

What a happy baby and great shot of the snowflake! How many pictures did you have to take before you got the snowflake prior to melting?

Mom and Camera said...

I took about 20 snowflake pictures total. Several looked good, but this is the one that my daughter liked the best. Only one melted while I was taking it. It was cold enough today that they weren't melting fast even though I was right on top of them!

Tara said...

Love that baby!! And love how he has the lens cap in his hands!! Too funny!

Stephanie said...

Incredible snowflake photo. I really had no idea they could look like that.

Laurel C. said...

That is one handsome boy! This is one of my most favoritest pictures of him! What a cutie.

How did you take a picture of a SNOWFLAKE? That is amazing.

Mom and Camera said...

Tara--I forgot to mention the lens cap in the post. It was the only way he would stay by the chair and not belly-flop to me.

Stephanie and Laurel--I didn't know they looked like that either until recently. To take the picture, I just walked out to the lid of my garbage can with my macro lens and got as close as I could to the snowflakes. You really need a crazy-flexible tripod to get great pictures of snowflakes. This was just me and my camera leaning over my garbage can lid taking pictures.