Friday, February 20, 2009

48 degrees

Today, the weather here hit a high of 48 degrees Fahrenheit. Doesn't sound TOO warm unless you are a child anxious for spring. As soon as they could, the kids were outside (in some cases with no shoes or just flip flops) playing like it was May. I even ventured outside without a coat on and it wasn't terrible. The kids dug in the dirt and planned future summer activities. Three guesses what else they busted out of the garage?!?

Yep! You guessed it--BIKES! They haven't see much action for the last several months. I believe they've made one or two trips to neighborhood activities in the last 4 months.

And look at the buds on my trees! Spring just might come after all.


Laurel C. said...

What? No lawn chairs on scooters?

Mom and Camera said...

Not this time. But they were playing tennis on the lawn.