Friday, February 6, 2009

6 Days Old

On Wednesday, I traveled up North to see my newest nephew Tyler. He was born to Steven and Tiffany on January 29 and weighed 7 pounds 4 ounces.

Here is my daughter holding her cousin.

Here is my sister holding her nephew.

And while everyone else just couldn't get enough of the baby, these two were up playing "House!"


Laurel C. said...

This was so fun to see another first cousin once removed! :)

What a cute baby, and what beautiful pictures you've taken of him!

Tara said...

He is adorable! Usually newborns have that weird "newborn" look, (come on, we all know they do!)
but he doesn't! He is a beautiful baby! Love the name, too! :)

Jana said...

He is so dang cute, oh Congratulations!! I can't wait to meet him!! Now you have two beautiful babies! :) Oh and duh this is Gayle's blog, Great pictures Gayle!! I hope you will do that for me!! No I am not prego but someday!! :)

Stephanie said...

What a sweet baby. Great pictures!

Mom and Camera said...

Tara--Tyler does seem to be a popular name!!

Jana--I would love too!!

Thanks everyone.