Wednesday, February 4, 2009

An Ode to the High Chair

Over the last month or so, as I have attempted to take pictures of my baby, I have struggled to keep him in focus. I think I have lamented that fact more than once on this blog. Each time I sit him in a spot for a picture, he quickly moves to his tummy to scoot to me. On his tummy, he rarely stops until he reaches me. I tried using a chair and some toys, to give him less places to go (see HERE), but once the toys weren't fun anymore (read 1 minute) he was trying to fall off the chair on his way to something else.

Well, yesterday, I had a break through. I was feeding Jacob in his high chair and realized that since he can't escape his high chair (yet!!) it might be a good place to take some pictures. It worked! As a thank you to my high chair I wrote this:

An Ode to the High Chair
O, beautiful piece of plastic, white,
Whose seat belt tight and blessed height,
Make pictures possible once again,
And require me to take my pen,
To thank thee for this lovely chance,
To snap a photo of my cutie pants!!

Since I am sure you are all feeling a little embarrassed for me right now, I'll refrain from posting the second verse and just post the pictures instead. They are a better visual ode than my lovely written one above.

(Please excuse any random sweet potatoes stains or banana and mixed berry smudges--this chair is on it's 4th kid and last legs.)


Tara said...

Ummm...Gayle? Are you still there?



Jessica Stier said...

I'm really excited to see these photos. I always look forward to your posts. You have such a beautiful family and are such a talented photographer!


Laurel C. said...

You are a woman of many talents... first photography and now poetry! What's next?