Monday, March 16, 2009


Some days, getting one of my children to willingly allow me to take pictures of them is difficult. I have to say all the right things and sometimes even promise all the right things (i.e. extra computer time, or some such bribe). But, the other day, when I asked for someone to sit for some pictures for me, she was more than willing to accommodate me. I know her clothes don't match perfectly. I don't really care. She was being sweet and willing and that is beautiful all by itself!!

Settings: f/5, 1/50, ISO 200, with flash bounced off my window.


Misses~ said...

I am just blown away AGAIN at your photos. WOW! Thanks for your comment. I found several sites that print 12X12 pages they just don't have the blog convert that Blurb does. I think I don't care about printing my blog junk anyway. I can create better looking pages and just copy and past what I've written. I hope. I am going to start doing that instead of searching for a way to print my blog posts as is. My pictures are not good enough to spend big money on printing anyway. I still like to paper scrapbook too, so this way I could mix-up my own book with either paper or digital scrapbook pages.

Courtney said...

This is an unbelievably sweet capture. Her outfit is perfect. I know people who would pay big bucks to get just one capture of their child like this. Love the lighting on this too. What a sweetheart!