Wednesday, March 18, 2009


For a few days over the last week, as my brother has been working on our basement, we have had cousins visiting at our house. These two cousins are only 2 weeks apart and I had fun photographing them in their element while they played together yesterday. I got a little carried away with pictures--that happens to me sometimes.


Eddingtons said...

They are so cute together. I especially like the picture of them both looking outside and playing with the kitchen set. Anyway, cute cute.


coloradoeaston said...

You probably here this all the time but I am always so amazed when I look at your blog. Your pictures are fabulous. What talent you have.


Mom and Camera said...

Thanks so much for all the nice words!!

Brooke :) said...

They are WAY cute!!!

Laurel C. said...

I love your posts with family members in them--immediate and extended. It's fun to see all the cousins and cousin's kids that I never see.

I love the lighting with the two kids outside. And you have beautiful models!