Monday, March 9, 2009

Sunday Stroll or 100 Steps

While reading this blog the other day, I was inspired to take 100 Steps and see what I could find to photograph. Of course, I had to wait for a somewhat nice day because I am a bit of a wimp. Yesterday, with temperatures in the high 40s and sunny, the family set off on a small walk. These are the resulting pictures.

Here is the family on a walk (you'll have to squint to see the rest of the family in the background.)

A self portrait. My, don't I look tall!

A reflection of the highly-inappropriate footwear my child selects because when the temperature is almost 50 degrees and sunny--IT IS SUMMER!

The rest were taken from the same spot. For the first, my back is toward the sun.

For the second, I am facing the sun.

For the third, the sun is at about 2 0'clock. I am facing the fence.

Which is your favorite?

Challenge: Take 100 steps and find something beautiful to photograph (on a nice day, of course!)


Eddingtons said...

Hi Gayle,
I think I like the picture of Megan's feet (a reflection) in the water. But they are all awesome. How far did you have to walk to get those pictures of the fence?


Mom and Camera said...

The fence is about 1 block from my house. It is probably a little more than 100 steps from my front door.

Laurel C. said...

We took a Sunday walk yesterday too! What a great coincidence! I hope the beautiful day we had yesterday is coming your way.

My favorite picture is the one where you are facing the sun. The lighting is very dramatic and deep. Sorry, I couldn't choose the foot picture for obvious reasons. Me and my foot phobia! :)

Mom and Camera said...

I hope the beautiful day is coming our way, too. Yesterday, we got 8 inches of snow. A beautiful day might melt it quick.

Jackie said...

What a fun idea. Looks like your surroundings are beautiful.

Kiera said...

Im a sucker for reflections so the flip flop shot is my favorite but I really appreciate your attention to detail. That is something Im trying to work on.

Courtney said...

I love the reflection one, definitely my favorite. That field just up the road is my most favorite place. I don't know why but I have such a sense of peace when I drive by it every day. I posted a photo of it on my blog too. I should get out there and get some more shots so I have some for every season. Love the evening light on these!

Brooke :) said...

I LOVE the 5th picture. (I think that's the one) where you are facing the sun on the field. It is really warm and makes a boring field look warm and amazing. The light is so great. Great pictures!! Maybe I should try that. Although a 100 steps from my house is more house not a cool field or anything like that!