Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Bit More o' the Green

things in my yard, that is. We have had such lovely weather the last few days, I thought I would take a few pictures of some of the green that is popping up in my yard. There is still plenty of brown, but in light of the fact that it is St. Patrick's Day, we will honor the GREEN!

The grass is getting a bit more of a green color.

These little shoots are lilies that will bloom in July (actually, maybe they are gladiolas--I guess we will see when they bloom :)!

What's green in your yard today?


Jessica Stier said...

This dawning of Spring is really exciting! I love all these images you've been posting. It's made me a bit more aware of what is going on around me. I keep seeing bit O'the green and thinking about how I should take a picture of it. :)


Laurel C. said...

I live in California... my entire backyard is green. It would be more interesting if I took a picture of what's brown!

I love the picture of the gladiolas/lilies. :) The backlighting is perfect.

Mom and Camera said...

I'd love to see what is brown, or red, or orange, or purple since we have none of that here, yet.

Courtney said...

What time of day did you take these? I love the backlight!

Mom and Camera said...

It was pretty late in the afternoon/evening--I'd guess about 7:00. I guess Daylight Savings time is good for something!

govehar said...

I love that you are so passionate about taking photos. I like that you don't just take traditional photos of heads and mountains. It is nice to see something different.