Monday, March 23, 2009

From the Tub (warning: bare baby ahead!)

I realized that most babies probably have their first bath in a "real" tub long before 9 months. However, it just didn't work that way for my baby boy. Yesterday, was his first bath in a "real" bathtub and he was in heaven. He still hasn't figured out that the tub (and water in general) is slippery. These aren't the best tub pictures. As I was taking these, I was trying to rescue him from slipping in the tub. I had to choose a few times between letting him slip and fall and getting a good picture. I guess I am not as dedicated to photography as I thought, because I chose to rescue him. Oh well! Next time.


Tara said...

So cute! From your warning, I was worried we were gonna see photos his sisters would pull out for his friends one day! ;o)

What a cutie!

strong said...

What a fun photo opportunity! Very cute.

Courtney said...

Cute! Great lighting. I love the Fisher Price character, she has a camera around her neck! How appropriate! :)