Thursday, October 15, 2009

I Survived.........

the Swine Flu, that is. And since all the info I've read says it is horribly contagious, I am just waiting patiently for the rest of my family to get it. But while I am waiting, I thought I'd do what all good blogger's would do and blog about it.

When I first heard about the outbreak of Swine Flu (known in all "official documentation" from our school and on TV as H1N1) I immediately thought of other epidemics such as the black plague or polio. I thought of rats, and much sickness and suffering with long term effects. I was scared, actually TERRIFIED and PARANOID probably sum it up better. I consider myself a germ-o-phobe and hate being sick or having my family be sick. Slowly, over the last month, I started to hear of others in our neighborhood and school who had caught the swine flu. My paranoia escalated. I sent my kids to school with hand sanitizer in their pockets and instructions to use it frequently.

Then, 2 weeks ago, I started getting a sore throat. I had been around other kids with colds and figured I had caught their cold. Sure enough, that sore throat quickly developed into some serious nasal congestion that my usual squirt of nasal spray did nothing to help. So I did what any self respecting cold sufferer does--I broadcast my woes on twitter and facebook. Now all you that think nothing good comes of social networking need to know that this move actually resulted in some good advice about medications that might help and a recommendation for specific tissues that have now become my favorites (if you must know--Puffs plus Lotion with Vicks.)

Then I got a fever! I was wasted for 24 hours until my fever broke. Fortunately, it happened to fall on the weekend when I am supposed to lay around watching TV (a.k.a General Conference.) Once the fever broke, the nasal congestion and cough persisted (still have a little of this.) After having these symptoms for over a week and hearing of MANY more in our neighborhood with Swine Flu, I decided to look up what the symptoms of Swine Flu were. I compared them to the symptoms I had and proceeded to check off EVERY SINGLE ONE.

I've tried to be cautious and wash my hands. I haven't gone many places to spread the germs. However, I am now just waiting for my kids to get it. I am not paranoid any more. I am thinking that even if they do get it--we will survive this global pandemic. And unless their symptoms are totally different than mine, it will be better than the sickness my family endured at Bear Lake last year. Though, considering the amount of tissue I used, US tissue manufacturers may want to increase their production--especially if their product includes lotion and Vicks. Hey H1N1 might even be good for the economy :)!

Since a picture is in order--here is the line up of medications that helped me survive what I have now diagnosed as Swine Flu!


Laurel C. said...

Holy smokes! Full-blown Swine Flu? That is terrible! That trumps the Croup we've had at our house and two follow-on colds. Yikes.

What is that contraption in front of your medication boxes? Is that one a' them fancy forehead thermometers?

Stephanie said...

Did you get a test that confirmed Swine Flu? I know there is another nasty virus going around that is very similar in symptoms. My 4-year old had all the classic Swine Flu symptoms - fever (for 4 days), coughing, headache, stomach pain, congestion, sore throat - but our doctor only tested him for Strep (which was positve) and said that he also had a "virus" causing the other non-Strep symptoms. I'd love to think that he had Swine Flu so we could have that done and over with, but without a formal test, I cannot make that claim. I think a lot of people think they've had Swine Flu, but in reality have had this other virus instead. If what Landon had was Swine Flu, then I say, "brink it on!" It wasn't really all that different than other severe colds and viruses we've had around here in the past. I really don't think he had it, since I've heard from confirmed Swine Flu survivors that it was the WORST flu they have ever battled and were laid up in bed for almost a week, not 2 days with this other virus that is going on. Anyway, that's my soapbox. I'm just tired of the media hype about this and the general panic/urgency for flu shots, etc.

Glad to hear you are feeling better and hope that no one else gets it, too.

Courtney said...

Oh! I had no idea you were battling swine flu! My doctor said that though it is miserable to have, if you get a milder case of it then it is better than any immunization and you should be protected from getting it worse when the cold winter months hit. Here's hoping you and your household are done with it! :)

Natalie said...

Poor Gayle! I'm worried about getting it the same time as my kids. It is so hard to take care of sick people when you are sick yourself. I'm glad you are feeling better.

Tara said...

Hey! We have the same thermometer!! I'm so sorry you got "the swine". So far (knock on wood) we've all been pretty healthy this year! Remember last year, though? Oh man, I thought I was going to lose my mind!!! We had one thing after another! Hope that no one else gets it!!

camilynn said...


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