Friday, October 23, 2009

Park City Portraits

While in Park City for Fall Break, we met my sister and took some fall pictures for school. There was just enough color left to have some nice backgrounds. I won't even start on the view. Okay, I will, it was breathtaking! More on that later.


Jessica Stier said...

Hi Gail,
These photos are great! I have a quick question for you - on the second picture where your niece is sitting in the grass with the sun to her back, did you use a fill flash for that shot? I'm trying to understand how to better take backlit shots and not have their faces be too dark or too washed out by my flash. I'm learning slowly... :)
Jessica Stier

Mom and Camera said...

Jessica--I did not use any flash on these photos. I did have to expose for her face. To do that, I get up close, fill my camera frame with her face and take a meter reading with my camera. Get the right settings back up and compose. Using this method, I know that some parts of my shot may be over or under exposed. But I am okay with that because I know that her face (the most important part of a portrait) will be exposed correctly. That is the trade-off with extreme lighting. Hope that helps.

Jessica Stier said...

That helps a ton! Thanks. I will try that method very soon. :) I love backlit photos and am excited to figure them out!

Tara said...