Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Girl and Her Apple

I snapped these pictures the other day of my cousin's daughter after we finished picking apples. She was extremely excited about holding the apple and after we finished she did a great job of polishing off the apple (for a 1 year old.) I actually love that the apple is in these pictures. I certainly adds a little "fallness."


Laurel C. said...

These are SO CUTE! And that's not just because I'm the subject matter's unbiased aunt, oh no. I love the coloring in these pictures... her brown hair with her creme sweater with the red apple against the green grass. Couldn't have been more perfect if you planned it. I love the one of her looking down at the apple: you captured a great angle to be above her looking down like that. So cute.

Great pictures! (As usual, of course.) I am sad that I missed apple-picking day. :( It was always so much fun.

Tara said...

DITTO to everything Laurel said! Seriously the cutest!

Natalie said...

My, what an amazing, gorgeous little girl!! She must have very good-looking parents...or father. :) Thanks again, Gayle! I can't decide which one I like the best. They are all so cute! (And yes, McKenna eats the entire apple...seeds and all. She even tried to eat the stem, but I stopped her.)