Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My Crazy Mind

This post has nothing to do with photography, but since I couldn't post without a picture, here is a photo of something that saved my life today.

You may think I am exaggerating. But I am not. I NEED a notebook. I really do. I can't function properly without one. I have been without one for several months and I CAN TELL! There have been little random pieces of paper flying around my computer desk with lists, thoughts, ideas, things I need to remember or do written haphazardly all over them.

I am certain that many of you who read this blog could list an innumerable amount of quirks that you associate with me. And some of you may even know of my need for a notebook. I have chalked up this need for a Staples (definitely prefer a store brand because the paper feels nicer--Mead notebooks have paper with a rough feel) 1-subject (just the right amount of pages--by the time I reach the end I am ready to whip out a nice fresh one, plus they are really cheap in July and August) wire bound (seems to work best) notebook to the fact that I have a crazy, frenzied mind. Without the use of a notebook, my mind goes in 30 thousand different directions all in one day. It might start with the kids and what needs to get done to get them to school, but from there it explodes like a spider web in all different directions.

Now, if any of you have this type of mind, you will know what kind of productivity results from a racing mind. For those of you who are not afflicted with this disease, I'll paraphrase--nothing. NOTHING! Without some place to make a list to focus my mind, or write down some of the thoughts and ideas that race around up there everyday, I am destined to EXTREME amounts of unproductiveness (Blogger says this isn't a word, but I think my made-up word gets my point across!) Over the years, I haven't found anything that works better. So, after a few months of dysfunction, today, I got a new notebook out of the closet, calmed my mind by writing some lists and ideas down on paper. So today I am thankful for this wonderful 70 sheet notebook that cost me just a few pennies.


Tara said...

Soooo with ya! Although, it sometimes drives me nuts that my notebook isn't as organized as I'd like. Go figure!

Natalie said...

I am the same way. My problem is that I lose the notebook and start a new one. So I usually have about 3 notebooks going at one time. Then I can't remember which notebook I wrote something on. And THEN Derek usually takes over one of them for his drawings. But I am definitely a "list maker". Lists keep my mind calm and you'll usually find one next to my bed when I have a lot to get done. It helps to write it down before sleep so I can rest. You are not alone.