Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Weekend at Goblin Valley

This weekend, after some very crazy weeks of basement stuff, our family took a much needed overnight trip to Goblin Valley. It is a beautiful spot in the middle of the Utah desert surrounded by. . . . NOTHING. Sometimes NOTHING can be beautiful, though.

Much of the scenery on the drive to Goblin Valley looks like the above. But as you get closer--you start to see this:

Those little funny rock "blobs" are the "Goblins". In the state park, there are several places to climb around on the "goblins." My kids loved the climbing part.

And on the drive out of Goblin Valley, we saw this:

I am editing this post to just emphasize the climbing part of this trip. Now that I am looking back on some more of these pictures, I am wondering if this activity was safe. Luckily, my children all survived.

On the assent up the rock.

One up top and one on the way down. YIKES to both!!


Crystal said...

Ahhhh. These are beautiful and refreshing, like breathing deeply when you didn't realize you were tense... thanks.

Stephanie said...

Goblin Valley is a neat place to visit. We found several natural caves, which were kinda' creepy-cool. Of course, we were much younger then and more adventurous. I think my boys would love it.

Laurel C. said...

These are stunning! I love the picture with your youngest two (and hubby). So adorable.

Alicia said...

The sunset (or maybe sunrise?) pictures are AMAZING! Absolutely beautiful colors!!!

Jackie said...

looks like an interesting place that's for sure! The one's of your kids climbing are fun! Made me nervous though, I still have that momness in me.

Mom and Camera said...

Goblin Valley is a very fun place--lots of cool things to explore. Stephanie--your boys would LOVE it. Jackie--I was very nervous when I saw the pictures but not when they were actually climbing. Must not have looked closely through the viewfinder.

Courtney said...

How have I lived in Utah so long and missed this place?? My kids would love it, they are already addicted to Southern Utah. These pictures are fabulous, Sydney was looking over my shoulder and asked, "Where is THAT!" I am thinking a trip is on order!