Monday, June 15, 2009

Outside on a Sunny Day

It doesn't seem like the title of this post should be shocking for JUNE--but it is--at least in Utah. We are up to 73 degrees and it is probably the warmest and driest day we have had in more than 2 weeks (don't quote my one this--I am not an almanac.) We took advantage of the warmth and did a little weeding and a little photographing (SHHH--don't tell my husband or he will know I didn't slave away all day :)!) Here are just a couple from our day.

P.S. I don't normally do textures on photos. However, when I took this picture, I envisioned some texture from the moment I took it. What do you think?


Crystal said...

Aha! I recognize something- isn't that a background texture from Pioneer Woman? Fess up.

And if not, I'm dumb and I owe you a banana cream pie.

Love the pictures!

(Thanks for the Pioneer Woman link, I'm addicted.)

Mom and Camera said...

The texture isn't from Pioneer Woman but I do use her Photoshop actions quite a bit. This photo used her "Warmer" action. The textures were free ones from . They have a new texture every Tuesday and I used several layered over this picture to get the textured look for this picture.

I LOVE Pioneer Woman, too. She takes great pictures, is a funny writer, AND has some good recipes (the Blackberry cobbler from book club was from her site!)