Friday, June 12, 2009

Been Through Hail

A few days ago, while sitting at my computer, I noticed a bud on one of my rose bushes. It was a perfect shape and I could tell it would open soon. I wanted to capture it with my camera, but it was extremely windy during the day (not a recipe for sharpness) and rainy that night. This same scenario was repeated over and over the next few days. Yesterday, despite the heavy rain, wind and pebble-sized hail it bloomed wide open. Today, with a short break in the string of thunderstorms that have plagued us the last few weeks, I grabbed some photos. Probably because of the pelting it endured yesterday, it's petals are a little scarred. I think they make it even more beautiful. You can even see several raindrops from yesterday's rain still resting on the petals.

I checked out this rose bush, too. I love the pink color and the perfect shape of the roses on this bush.

Then I checked out some of the other things that are blooming at my house right now, too.

This last one is my favorite from today!!


Natalie said...

Yes, this weird weather needs to GO! Hail in June just isn't right. Was it just here or did others in Utah get that fun storm? Oh, and it hailed again tonight as well! Urggg.... Beautiful pictures!

Alicia said...

Wow! Those photos are absolutely beautiful! The colors are so vibrant and despite the hail, they look breath-taking!

Jackie said...


Tara said...

I love that RED!!!