Saturday, May 2, 2009

More Progress. . . . . . .

It has been a slow week here on the blog. But, for me, a slow week here on the blog has meant good news for me and our project in the basement. I have taken several "progress pictures" downstairs over the last few weeks but they just haven't made it here. Today, I took some more and am posting them as proof that progress is being made! For some of you this may be the most uninteresting post I have ever made (okay, except for the other basement post.) I accept that and pledge to post more interesting photography-related items this next week. For today, I am relishing the fact that our basement now "looks" like usable space. Hopefully just a few more weeks of dust.

Kid Toy Storage Area/Play Area

Fireplace--almost finished.

This space is affectionately known as the "Wall o' Closets." Lots of storage space for STUFF!

Bedroom closets. These make me happy just looking at them.

But there is still lots of this:

And this:

hanging around. There is still an unending amount of dust blowing around my house. There is still an amazing amount of STUFF (i.e. basement supplies, food storage, etc.) being stored in our Massive Storage Area formerly known as our bedrooms. In all, there is still much work to be done. BUT, it is progress and for today I am happy with that.


Tara said...

That kid area is so cool! I'm gonna have to ask Jason if it's something we can do with ours, too. My parents have something like that under their stairs.


Mom and Camera said...

Greg says, "Poor Jason! I am so sorry." It did add a little more work--framing and drywall-wise. BUT IT IS SO CUTE! I have never been a vinyl-sticker-on-my-wall girl, but that space is making me consider some cute vinyl flower thing.

Michelle and Jason said...

Surprisingly enough, you still manage to take some cool pictures, of something that could be boring. You still made it interesting.

Kiera said...

The kids play room might be my kids dream come true!!! How fun!

Brenda said...

This is what I have to look forward to! We are about 75% done with the wiring, so I guess then we do plumbing, insulation and then drywall? I should probably take some pictures for the family scrapbook.