Monday, May 11, 2009

Kids Portraits Part 3

It is finally the last installment in this series of kids portraits. The daughter in these photos is still in the "cheese" stage. By this, I mean that when I go to take her picture she automatically gives me that super unnatural, cheesy smile. It takes some work to get her natural expressions. Here are my favorites of her:

While we were taking her pictures, my husband thought it would be fun to shake the trees a little and make the blossoms fall. She has a few blossoms on her jacket and hair. I didn't clone them out because she loved having the blossoms fall on her.

I think this is my favorite of her and I really happen to like it in BW.


Tara said...

Oh I LOVE the b&e one, too!! So sweet!

Brooke :) said...

Lauren is so cute! I love that she has no bottom front teeth it's really cute! I like the one with her blowing it's just really cute! :D

Brenda said...

She is adorable!