Friday, May 8, 2009

Kids Portraits Part 2

Here is part 2. I finished editing these last night and just have one more kid to go now.

This is his full belly laugh. Not technically perfect but definitely one of his genuine expressions preserved.

She is very much my "poser." She can strike a pose whenever asked. I thought this one was fun.

BTW--Do any of my relatives recognize this chair?


Laurel C. said...

I was going to ask you about that cute chair. Is it the one that was in Grandma's basement for years? The one we played "school" with in the playroom? Even if it's not THAT one, it's a fabulous chair... I love it. It's just perfect for settings like yours.

I am going to state the obvious... these pictures are BEAUTIFUL! Your kids are so lucky to have these as their childhood portraits. All I can say is 'wow, wow, wow.'

Tara said...

What a little cutie! I can't decide if he looks more like you or Greg. Sweetie!

I can't believe how perfect A's teeth are!! What a beautiful girl!

(do you use names on here? i couldn't remember)

Mom and Camera said...

Tara--I haven't been using names but not sure if that is critical or not. She does have good teeth--didn't get those from me!!

Laurel--IT IS!! It had been in my basement with the school desks, but we had to move them to the garage when we started the basement. When I was going to take these, I thought of that chair. Worked great!

Jana said...

You have very beautiful out of a magazine children to photo shoot with!! They as always look awesome and I cannot believe that with a new hair cut he looks so much like a little man now!!! :)

strong said...

I love the belly laugh picture the best! I think catching those moments on film are the best. You take great pictures. I also loved the black and white close-up photo of your daughter in the previous posting...very classy.