Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Little Boy--OUTSIDE!

My little boy has discovered the outside. We have been playing outside on nice days for the last few months. This Spring, those days were few and scattered between lots of rainy/snowy days. However, the last week or two have had more nice days than not and he now he crawls over to the door and looks out longingly until his mom or sisters will oblige and take him outside. He has discovered that there are lots of new things to explore out there. Rocks, dirt, grass, dirt, cement, rocks, and dirt are just a few of the things he has found enjoyable (notice the theme!) Please note that he is still crawling and I just cringe a little when he crawls on cement--especially if he is wearing shorts. I am sure I will get over it since walking/running would be so much worse. Those joys are coming soon! Whatever will I do?


Tara said...

His hair looks so light in that first one! Is it? I always thought he was darker like his daddy! So sweet...those cheeks!

Mom and Camera said...

Since I have started having to cut his hair it has seemed to go lighter. His baby hair was much darker and cutting that off, combined with the sun, has lightened it some. Honestly, it is kind of a new thing.