Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Turnabout Is Fair Play

I wanted to practice more with my flash yesterday, but didn't have any willing participants. I thought about trying a self-portrait. I have seen other photographers do this, but since I don't have a tripod or remote (I do have a remote that works with my old camera, but I don't currently have my old camera in my possession) I couldn't figure out how it could reasonably be done without setting the camera timer 300 times (I am certain that is how many exposures it would take to get 1 good one--and even then I am not sure). So I tinkered around and took a few random pictures and then my daughter picked up my camera. She took some pictures (also of random things--I guess it is hereditary.) And then, like the Grinch, an idea began to form. I got everything set up and made sure I had makeup on (see, I do learn from past mistakes) and then asked if she wanted to take some pictures of me. She did! I think she thought it was fun. We took 300 photos (actually, I didn't count, but it was A LOT) and got 1 I will post at the end.

Me by Me

Me by my 11 year-old (And a little help from Photoshop because I am on the declining side of 30, I have the skills, and it is my blog and I can do what I want!)

My 11 year-old by Me (Warning: I am not responsible for neck injuries that might be caused by viewing this image. View with care!)


Tara said...

Love 'em!! I wish I could walk around with photoshop...or that everyone else would see with photoshop eyes. :)

Mom and Camera said...

Wouldn't that be fantastic!

strong said...

I love the picture of the branch in your heading. It is so cool to actually see the reflection of the tree in the drop. You've got a great eye for cool pictures.