Friday, January 9, 2009

2009: The Year of the Wii (so far)

This year, despite my best efforts to explain to my children that Santa will not bring a Wii System for Christmas--Santa brought a Wii system to our house for Christmas. The girls and my husband have really enjoyed it. I have actually snuck a few turns, too. After all, golfing, trampoline, race car driving, and boxing are actually kind of fun on a Wii. A couple of my brothers also bought Wii's for Christmas. My sister (always at the forefront of all the latest fads--after all, she was the one who finally convinced me that I shouldn't wear tapered-leg jeans anymore unless I wanted to appear WAAAY older than I was) and her family have had a Wii for a year now. When we visited them over Christmas break, they had a NEW Wii toy that provided HOURS of entertainment. Seriously, it was played, and played, and played some more--until the WEEEEEE hours of the morning (this is hearsay--I was not an active participant in this.) I had heard rumors of this toy from my children--namely my oldest daughter who has actually played it once. She even went so far as to suggest that perhaps we could get this game IF Santa did indeed bring a Wii to us for Christmas. My response was a quick, “No.” It is, after all, rated “T!” The game to which I refer, the game that caused all this excitement and unnecessary sleep deprevation, is Guitar Hero.

Actually, it wasn’t just any Guitar Hero. It was the Guitar Hero World Tour FULL BAND version. This meant that we had 2 guitars, 1 drummer, and the best part—someone on vocals! It was played by the children. It was played by the adults—even my dad took some turns on the guitar and drums. In case you are new to Guitar Hero, please know that this is a serious game. Just check out the serious expressions on all who played.

However, for SOME, it was a chance to live out their “Rock Star” dreams.

Anyone else think that the above image screams "The Price is Right" modeling career? I'm calling an agent tomorrow :)!!
My brother singing vocals to R.E.M’s “The One I Love.”

My sister's reaction to my brother's vocals.

It really is a fun game and I may someday have to eat my words—despite the “T” rating.

P.S. Please note that as I was taking some of these pictures I was literally weeping with laughter. More than once I actually wiped tears from my face as I snapped away. This is my excuse for any blurry images (that and I didn't have my REAL flash with me.) I did play a couple of times, but I think that my best role was taking pictures for posterity. After all, every great band has their paparazzi following, right? And in everyone’s defense, we had JUST come back from sledding when most of these pictures were taken. So please ignore the crazy hair, wet clothing, and ruddy (translated as un-makeuped) complexions.


Jana said...

Oh I love them!! It is a blast to play those games, Santa brought us Rock Band and I love playing it!! And we too are very serious, mostly out of concentration then any other reason!! :)

govehar said...

My favorite photo is the one of Aaron, I think that we should call him Mick Jagger. I am in agreement with your daughter can we get it?

Brooke :) said...

If there could only be sound!! I love these pictures. Aaron is definately my funniest and weirdest brother! And that's saying somthing!! These are my favorite pictures of 2009. I don't think anything can top these ever!!

Stephanie said...

The Wii has by far been our most used "toy" this year. We were lucky enough to get one when Leon won a prize at a work party more than a year ago. Leon keeps telling us how fun Rock Band is. I guess they have a Wii at work - I'm sure it gets played more than it should. I can just see "grown" men playing Rock Band in the conference room lunch. Hmm.

davidandnatalie said...

I love it!! I laughed so hard at all these pictures. So great! You have me curious to play it now. The Wii is a lot of fun. I would love one, but I am afraid of the addiction factor...for me and the kids.

Mom and Camera said...

We haven't really had to worry about the addiction factor. I don't know if that is because we have girls or not, though. With our GameCube, they would go through playing spurts. Sometimes it was because of a new game, but mostly I think it just got more use in the winter when it is a little harder to play outside all day. I assume that our Wii will be the same. Every once in a while we even break it out for FHE.

Stephanie--I am laughing at the grown men playing it at lunch. Someone ought to video that. I am sure they would have a fun time, though. The grown men in these pictures sure did!!!!