Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy December--Cutting Christmas Trees

Happy December, everyone!! To start this month off right, I thought I would post some snowy winter images from our Christmas tree cutting expedition to Idaho last Friday. I think the mountains are so beautiful when they are covered in snow and the same goes for the pine trees.

We bundled everyone up warm. The babies were not sure what was up with all the snow gear and snow. It sure made walking hard for them.

They still had a great time--especially with their playful aunt!

After quite a bit of looking, everyone found their trees!

A cute picture of the girls!

On the way back to the vehicles, the big kids decided to use the small pink sled that we brought for the babies to be towed behind my brother's truck.

Room for one more?

Happy Winter!!

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Laurel C. said...

I love the color in these pictures. It captures such a wonderful mood. These are some of my favorite pictures you've taken.

What a fun family day!