Friday, December 4, 2009


This month I have decided to try and post a picture for everyday of the month that documents our holidays. Some of these photos might have obvious holiday themes but others might just be a documentation of what is going on that day. Today I am posting the photos for the first few days of December.

First, SOMETHING WARM. How do we warm up during the cold months? THESE! I love cuddly quilts that wrap up nice and warm. This is my daughters quilt that I made for her when she was a baby.

Second, MY FAVORITE HOLIDAY DECOR. These little houses are my favorite things to put up each year. My girls enjoy them, too.

Third, SOMETHING THAT BRINGS ME JOY! Today the something that brings me joy is my son's blanket. He is sick today. This blanket brings him comfort. It goes everywhere with us (within reason!) It has magical happiness powers when he is sad or not feeling well.

What part of your holidays need to be documented? I'd love to see your special holiday decorations or other things that bring you joy this December!

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