Friday, September 11, 2009


I was inspired this morning by a couple of large bowls of tomatoes that are sitting on my counter just waiting for my kids to come home and devour them. They are waiting there because I don't eat tomatoes. I think they can be pretty, I think there are many fabulous products that result from tomatoes (ketsup for one!), but I would never just pick up a fresh tomato and slice it up for lunch. I am prepping myself for all the tomato-loving backlash I am going to get from this admission. Fortunately, my kids are not like me and will eat lots of tomatoes.

Despite the fact that I won't eat these--I had fun photographing them this morning.

Info--all shot using my 50mm 1.8 at ISO 400, f/2.2, and shutters about 160 to 200.


Laurel C. said...

I'm with you, Gayle! I wouldn't eat a tomato if my life counted on it. But I love tomato sauce and etc. I also love the smell of tomato vines, I just don't like what comes off of them. :)

Michelle and Jason said...

I am with you guys also, but it isn't great that my kids won't eat them either.

Eddingtons said...

I am with you guys, I really don't like tomatoes but I do love everything that comes from them...including "fresh" salsa, go figure. Kaylee and Steven love them which is great, hopefully Tyler will too!!

Brenda said...

It's amazing to me how the simplest, most everyday things can make the most beautiful subjects!

Looks like the backlash isn't coming. Add me to the list of tomato-haters!

Mom and Camera said...

I am totally shocked that there are so many of you who also don't like tomatoes! I always get strange looks when I tell people that I don't like tomatoes. Who knew?