Friday, April 3, 2009

Photographic Torture

Yes, you can officially turn me in. I admit that today in an attempt to get some cute 10 month pictures of my son (yes--he is that old and yes--I can hardly believe it) I performed a form of baby torture that resulted in the following pictures:

And although he is obviously sad in these pictures, I can tell you that I think his sad face and wrinkly nose are worth recording. They might come in handy someday and they make me SMILE!!

The best of the day--he was one-thousandth of a second away from crawling out of the frame--his most common trick for escaping the camera.

P.S. I have attempted to post a few times today (and even once yesterday) however, my computer keeps randomly shutting down. I am still somewhat in denial, but I believe this may be the beginning of a serious problem that I will have to have checked out. If I have to go multiple days without a computer--I may be insane when I return. Just warning you!!


Stephanie said...

Fun pictures. As for the computer shutting down, we've had that very problem, and yes, it's not good. You have a good external hard drive for backing up, so I'd be sure everything you care about is safe. Not fun.

Natalie said...

The torture was well worth it. He has an adorable pouty (sp?) face!