Thursday, September 25, 2008

Getting Bigger

This little boy is getting bigger. I don't know exactly how much he weighs, but his physique is composed of many rolls. He is such a good baby and only fusses when he's tired or hungry and then only rarely. His days are filled with smiling, laughing, cooing, eating and sleeping. He puts up with lots of love and attention from his sisters who STILL rush to get him up the moment he wakes up. And he puts up with a mom who is always wanting to take his picture.

These BW pictures are somewhat monocromatic, but I think I like them. What do you think?

Not much else eventful going one here. We finished canning pears this week. The job got spread out over about 5 days, but we can finally say it's finished. Looking forward to the weekend! Hope you enjoy yours!


Laurel C. said...

That is one seriously handsome boy. Do I say that every time I comment?

My favorite picture is the color one where you can see a hint of his denium pants. Do you PhotoShop enhance his eyes, or are those gorgeous eyes occuring naturally in nature?

The black and white pictures are really cool too! They make his eyes stand out all the more. Great pictures!

Mom and Camera said...

Laurel--On a picture that close up where the eyes are the focus, I do sharpen the eyes a little in Photoshop. I don't add color or anything else.

I do think his eyes are pretty but I am having a hard time deciding what color they are. I thought for a long time that they were blue. But lately (and definately in these pictures), I think they are more green than blue.

Stephanie said...

Congratulations on finishing pears! I did pears last year and decided to give our pears away this year. We still have a bunch of jars of pears from last year that we need to eat. However, I just finished grape juice. So, is your kitchen floor as sticky as mine?

Mom and Camera said...

My floors and counters are currently recovering from the stickiness of canning. Greg helps a lot in the canning process so it goes faster. I think pears take longer to bottle than some of the other fruits I've bottled. However, my family loves them and since we were completely out, we needed to do some more.

Tara said...

Alright...I need a lesson in canning. Never done it. I am dying to learn how to make jam!!! I've just learned how to make bread, now I want jam to go with it! Any advice? Recipes? (easy ones... I'm not the greatest chef)

Mom and Camera said...

I think freezer jam is incredibly easy and it is the kind I like best (especially on homemade bread)! I'll find the recipe and post it.