Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Few More Peeks

Hopefully you are not sick of seeing these pictures. This is what I have been working on in the little spare time I've had this week. It has been busy, but I am almost done. (Keep scrolling Brooke)


Laurel C. said...

Where do you find such great backgrounds? The Bountiful Temple, sure. But where are the ivy-covered wall and river shots?

These are beautiful! I love Aimee's green eyes!

Mom and Camera said...

The ivy/stone wall and the river and rocks are at the Riverwoods Shopping area in Provo. Finding good backgrounds is really just a matter of looking around. The back ground only has to be great for what is in the viewfinder. If you are doing a close up (or fairly close up), that isn't a lot. However, lighting is probably more important than background. I'd take great lighting over beautiful backgound (though ideally I'd like both!!)

Michelle and Jason said...

I think your pictures are so beautiful. I hope you keep posting new ones I love looking at them and wishing I would have the motivation to learn how to do that. They are great!