Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Attempt #2

I tried again today to get some pictures of my boy laughing and smiling. I got a couple of smiles, but still no laughing pictures that are in focus. I am blaming the light (or lack of because of the thunderstorms). Without good window light, I can't have a very high shutter speed and that is important when photographing a wiggly baby. However, it may be the camera operator, too. It is a little tricky to laugh, tickle, and otherwise be silly while holding a camera to my face and still try to keep a good focus. So, here is my best attempt today. BTW--He is 3 months, weighs about 14 pounds, loves to take baths, and (according to us) is the cutest boy ever!!

1 comment:

Laurel C. said...

That is one absolutely beautiful baby! LOVE the picture.