Sunday, August 16, 2009

From the Beach

We returned from our trip to Bear Lake one week ago yesterday and I haven't posted any images which some might find amazing. It turns out, I just had TOO many other pictures to get ready for others that I didn't have time to do much with the pictures I took last weekend until now. So, today, and in the next few days to come, I will post a few from our trip. The weekend we spent in Bear Lake wasn't really that warm. Part of each day seemed to have wind, rain, or a mixture of the two.

Today's theme is "The Beach." It was actually quite cold when we first arrived at the beach. So if you see goosebumps, you'll know why. It warmed a bit throughout the day, but if the sun ever went behind a cloud you about wanted to grab a jacket.

Yes--he is eating sand. Please remember from this post that I would prefer not to know all the disgusting things that are found in sand.

Bear Lake probably has the best sandy beaches in Utah for building sand castles and playing in. (I am sure the diehard Lake Powell fans will probably claim it has good beaches, too, but when we were there, they didn't really stand out to me.) Thanks Aaron for living so close to a great lake and great sandy beaches!!


Courtney said...

Summer ate sand at the beach too, she liked it, arg! These are great shots, were they full sun? Full sun is so hard for me to shoot in but I sure do love the color it brings with it.

Mom and Camera said...

These are all full sun. They were taken between 10 and 4. The sun does give great color and light. I would have loved to have been there for a sunset. However, both sunsets we were there for were overcast, rainy, and windy. Not great weather for pictures.