Wednesday, August 12, 2009

14 Months and Counting

I just had to share these 2 images of my little boy. He LOVES anything with buttons but like most 14 month olds he is especially enamored with the phone.

And--he still has the cutest, chubbiest baby feet. I just love chubby baby feet. And don't ask me what that yellow stuff in the picture is, because it is probably part of a chewed up stick. And, since I am just trying to ignore what he puts in his mouth right now, please do not bring attention to the fact that the grasshoppers probably chewed on it first right after the ants pooped on it (do ants poop? I really don't want to know that either.) I just try to ignore everything that goes into his mouth and hope he lives until he's 2 instead of dying of Grasshopper Flu. Never heard of that? Well, I am sure that important scientists will discover it soon! Boys--what's a mom gonna do?


Jackie said...

so cute! love the chub!

Laurel C. said...

Good thing this is a BABY foot, or I'd be dry heaving right now. Baby feet are okay. :)

Very cute pictures, and a very cute boy!

Brenda said...

I love baby feet!!