Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Slaying of the Pumpkins

Okay--now that I have gotten all that "nerdy" stuff out of the way (see previous post) I can now show you a few pictures from our annual pumpkin carving festivities. We don't get really fancy around here, but apparently some of us use it as a time to release some aggression (see picture #3). Happy Halloween!!!

She really doesn't have much aggression in her, just a lot of "will" to do it on her own.


Brooke :) said...

Haha Megan looks like she is rather upset with that pumpkin and is using a knife. Is that really such a good combination anger and a knife? How did her pumpkin turn out?

Anonymous said...

That is too funny! I can see the look of frustrated determination on her face!! and I just saw your "Nerdy" post and had to comment on that too! I can't even tell you how jealous I am of that beautiful piece of hardware you just got your hands on!! My computer is an old school computer, donated to me! It only has 16GB of hard drive (I'm a total NERD too!)16GB!!! I am constantly deleting pics to make room for new ones! So I don't think your NERDY at all, I think your LUCKY to have it!! How much do they run anyway??

Mom and Camera said...

Brooke--Megan's pumpkin turned out great. That was such a funny look. The funny thing was that she was just concentrating hard. WolfPack--1 TB hard drives have really come down in price and I am sure will continue to come down some. Mine was $144 from They usually have good prices on "nerdy" stuff.