Thursday, October 23, 2008

Nature Up Close

The other day, I got out my macro lens to use. I haven't used it for a VERY long time (I almost forgot what to do.) The simple definition of macro photography is up-close photography. In order to take pictures close enough to be defined as "macro," a photographer has to have a lens that will allow the camera to focus much closer to the subject. For most of these, I was just an inch or 2 from the subject I was photographing. A macro lens also gives a very shallow depth of field, meaning that the exact point at where you focus will be in focus, but everything else will have varying degrees of blur. Before you see the pictures, lets get one other thing straight, I am not a true macro photographer. I am also not one to get so close you can't tell what it is (check here for some serious macro stuff). Focus is CRITICAL in macro photography, and although I tried my best to get my focus perfect, some of these are a not spot on. Even though it is not my specialty, every once in a while it is fun to focus CLOSE. With fall here and so many beautiful colors outside, I thought I'd try to capture a few.

The first set of photos is an Ode to a Rose Bush in Fall:
Come fall, my rose bushes are some of my favorite flowers. They bloom even through the first snow!

Oh, and lest ye think a rose bush is ONLY beautiful, check out the thorns on those babies!!! Not so friendly-looking, eh?

Now, for some other colors and textures of fall.

The following is possibly my favorite of these photos. I think it is the colors and bokeh (or blur) of the background.

Despite the freezing temperatures (okay, well, in my book any temperature that causes me to turn on the heat is freezing), these flowers my daughters gave me for Mother's Day keep blooming.

I told you which one was my favorite, which one is yours?


Tara said...

For some reason, I like the single red leaf with the green background. I can't believe the detail in those! SO cool!

Laurel C. said...

My favorite is the first picture with the unfurling rose. I like the composition of that picture... the black in the top half and the red rose in the bottom half. I also like the tree trunk picture. I love the texture on that one! All are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I first thought the third rose down was my favorite ( I love the black shadowing intertwined with the bright red - kind of a dark and mysterious love type.) But then I made it to the tree trunk and that was it. I love that shot!! I love the texture and crazy lines. They are all gorgeous! P.s. Yes she is my daughter and thank you for looking and the nice compliments!! My blog and picture taking skills are still a work in progress. Kinda like life I guess!! Thanks again!!!

davidandnatalie said...

I really love the green leaf or the last picture. So artistic! They are all so beautiful.

Mom and Camera said...

I LOVE that everyone has such different favorites! It is so fun to hear what you like and why.

govehar said...

I love the second to the last one. I love the wood.

Courtney said...

I love the wood, absolutely beautiful! I had a macro lens on my old camera but it doesn't fit on my new one...I love macro shots, they are so much fun to compose and these are so nice, especially the roses!