Friday, August 29, 2008


I had to dig through some "old" pictures today for a few minutes and found this one. My daughter was swinging on my grandparents swings and giggling the whole time. I snapped several pictures (many of which were blurry because she was swinging) and got this one. It isn't a perfect picture, but it has been one of my favorites since it was taken 2 years ago. I think what makes this picture a favorite is the emotion it shows--pure joy!

I vividly remember another picture my parents took while I was growing up.

My brother had been laying on the floor having a tantrum while my dad was trying to take a few family pictures. It isn't the best portrait we have of him growing up, but it is memorable because of the emotion. Capturing emotion in a photo can make an okay picture more memorable and therefore--GREAT!! Do you have a photo you remember specifically because of the emotion?

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Laurel C. said...

I love this post. I love it because it's gotten me thinking about how powerful pictures are. I've always loved looking at pictures... most pictures are taken because you want to remember a good feeling forever... happiness, a favorite scene, a special day. That is powerful. Rarely do we take a picture of soemthing we'd like to forget.

That said, it's a rare photo that conveys emotion really well. We always stop what we're doing to smile for the camera with a pastey smile. How wonderful that you captured such a joyful picture of your daughter. I wish I had your talent.