Thursday, February 11, 2010

Change is Good, Right?

I am hoping that there are still a few of my few blog readers out there after the blogging famine of 2010. I know, I know--good bloggers blog regularly and don't go for 22 days (but whose counting?) with no posts and nary a picture to prove they are still living.

So--to explain! 22 days ago I declared myself on a blogging/social media holiday. At least mostly. I still read many blogs, posted some comments on Facebook and occasionally replied to some tweets on Twitter. But I didn't post anything and didn't even pretend to keep up with all I was following before. The reason for this--I had WAY more projects on my need-to-do and want-to-do lists than could possibly get done in a reasonable amount of time. I felt a little buried (still do--a bit) and just needed to catch up. I have finished a few of these projects and am in the middle of others--I am hoping they will be finished soon!

I also got 2 great learning opportunities that I just couldn't pass up. #1 was to take a class on different forms of lighting and how to mix them in different situations and #2 was to FINALLY learn Adobe Illustrator. I have desperately wanted to learn Illustrator for years and decided that now that my 1 year old is a little bigger and not nursing--this was the year. What I didn't know was that I would get the opportunity to test a new online Illustrator class by a local designer who I have followed for a while and already decided to take a class from--Alma Loveland. In order to take the class as a "tester" I had to start right away and that time had to come from somewhere, too. So the "break" got extended. (BTW, if you are interested, you can find the Adobe Illustrator 101 class at this link. This class and others on Photography and Photoshop will be available to take beginning in March--though I know some are already sold out!)

Some of the projects that I had on my want-to-do list that have recently been (mostly) completed centered around a new home for this Mom and Camera blog. I have been thinking and planning it for months--even had the domain name since summer. However, it was never high enough on the "to-do" list to get done. BUT IT IS READY NOW. So, starting tomorrow, I will no longer be posting on this blog. You can find me at

When I started my blog on Blogger, I had every intention of doing lots of photography related posts. After all, that is what I know well and am passionate about. However, I was at a loss for where to start and not sure if I should make them general photography posts or specific to what I know–DSLR photography. In the last few months, I developed a bit of a new vision of what I have to offer. It stemmed from the fact that I get asked photography questions ALL the time. And, if I am being completely honest, I love to answer them! I could talk about photography all day. If you question this, just ask my husband–he knows very little about photography but gets an earful regularly (and, yes, he has honed the “smile-and-nod” to a science.) I am sure there are others of you out there who have asked me a photography question and gotten more than you bargained for ;) !! So, I decided that it would be good to have a place where I could regularly talk/write about what I love to share–DSLR photography. There will continue to be plenty of other posts and photos about my life and what I love to photograph (pretty much everything–I have even photographed spiral notebooks and various other common household items and have gotten PLENTY of flack from family who question the “WHY” of those photos.)

I figured with this new vision, I needed a new blog design. I even decided to move it to it’s own domain name. I imported all my old posts from Blogger so they will remain in one place. Blogger was great, but Wordpress has more options (many of which I know nothing about) that should give just a little more function and room to grow. Until I get it all figured out, you will need to forgive a few of the unfinished areas. If I waited until this was “finished”, I would never get started. So, here’s to baby steps.

I hope all you wonderful readers of this blog will make it over to the new one and that these new photography posts won’t bore anyone TOO much. I really hope you’ll love it and comment lots and ask lots of questions. The photography posts start tomorrow! See you then.

Oh--and please forgive the "no picture." I do have plenty to share after this long famine, but just wanted to post this here without waiting any longer.


Stephanie said...

I envy your self-discipline to be able to stay away from the "computer world." I, too, have many projects and things to get done, but in the end I seem to say to myself, "I'll just take a 'little' break and check in on the computer." That "little" break can soon turn into a substantial chunk of time and my projects are still undone. (Sigh)

I'll be sure to make a note of your new site - I love seeing what you do, even if I don't uderstand ANY of the technical stuff. :)

Beth Graham said...

I look forward to reading your new blog with the new vision!

Courtney White said...

Gayle - This is awesome, I was so excited to read this post today. I know exactly what it feels like to take a new step towards your passion. Your talent and tips are amazing - I have always enjoyed and learned from you! Change is great!