Saturday, November 7, 2009

Halloween at our House

WOW--10 days since I last posted. Shocking!! The even more shocking part is that I haven't picked up my camera in a week. It sat quietly tucked away while I spent the last week setting up a brand new computer. This included installing the new Windows 7 64 bit (a BIG thanks to some good friends who helped with this), re-installing all the programs I use, importing all the catalogs, actions, brushes that I need for said programs, transferring and organizing all my old emails (some I haven't had access to for over 2 months), and replying to 2-month old emails. Then the last 2 days were spent finishing some print orders for family that have been waiting for my new computer. Today I finally feel like I am a little caught up.

So, today, I will be taking lots of pictures to make up for last week and am just now posting a few from our Halloween weekend.

Some of the Spooky Food from our Spooky Lunch on Halloween Day.

Here are 2 of my Spooky trick-or-treaters and the Scary pumpkins they carved!

I'll be back (think scary Arnold Swarzenegger voice!!!)


Stephanie said...

Wow! Did you have a party? Or, are you that creative/fancy for even just your own family? We had homemade pizza with pepperoni cut to make a Jack-o-lantern face. Not too original, I know.

Mom and Camera said...

We don't do an official party, though we do usually end up inviting someone. See--I really don't like Halloween. I have no halloween decorations and really am kind of humbug about the trick or treating part, too. In fact, on my list of holiday's it ranks dead last. This lunch (or dinner depending on the year) is my way of making up for that. We just make some foods to look spooky and decorate the table with candles, a pumpkin table cloth and the cauldron with dry ice and drink. Our menu this year: dinner in a pumpkin (with a scary face drawn on), deviled eggs with olives for eyes, bread sticks (not spooky at all), and carrot sticks (5 of these we peel and place in a bowl of green ranch dressing to look like a witches hand). For dessert, we have the witches finger cookies. The kids have fun and I don't feel quite so halloween humbug.