Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Little Bit of Real Life

I have been practicing with my flash indoors a little. My flash and I still have a love/hate relationship. I love having the option to take pictures when there just isn't any available light (like at night or in a room with no window light.) But I hate the results (overly bright/harsh skin tones and dark backgrounds.) I am hoping that, with some work and practice, I will not "hate" my flash by the end of the winter and I will know how to use it better to get the results I want from it. These pictures were from the other day. There was some available light from a set of glass doors, but it wasn't enough light to get a good exposure without some "extra" light. Still not all LOVE, but I don't hate these either. A little glimpse into our school mornings (I did remove some of clutter that seems to collect during school.)


davidandnatalie said...

Ha ha. I love it! I am still amazed that you do homeschooling. It seems so overwhelming to me. I would be horrible at it. I lack time management skills. :)

Courtney said...

I love these shots, glimpes into real life are perfect and the light looks great to me, couldn't even tell you used a flash.